Kindermusik & Instrument Lessons

At Kindermusik with Danielle, we are committed to providing a musical community where you and your family will experience a unique, child-centered program full of laughter and happy moments. You and your child will feel safe and accepted. The encouraging atmosphere in Kindermusik opens the door for unlimited learning and strong, life-long connections between children, teachers, and parents!


Kindermusik classes in our community

As a studio of trained and licensed local Kindermusik educators, we love bringing the world of Kindermusik to our community. Each week at Kindermusik with Danielle, we lead music classes for families filled with singing, dancing, laughing, instrument playing, and storytelling—all backed by Kindermusik International’s team of early childhood music experts and the latest research on how children learn best. In addition, we partner with you, the parent, to support your role as your child’s first and best teacher by providing tools, tips, and resources to understand how (and why!) to use music and movement throughout the week.

To Ms. Danielle: I wanted to tell you that I STRONGLY believe that KM and all the years we did it with you have given not just Maddy but both our girls the love and connections with music! Maddy has music in her body, in her soul. She puts a beat to every-single-thing!! And I love it:) I know I told you before that you gave us life and something to do during Mark's loooooong deployment when Maddy was a tiny baby. So again, thank you for that and for being a blessing of fun music to us, our whole family! - Mia


Instrument lessons in our community

By including educators on our Team that have a passion for lifelong music making and education, your young musician will not only receive high quality, specialized instruction on the instrument of their choice, such as piano, guitar, ukulele, trumpet, flute, and others, but they will be inspired to continue their journey as a musician beyond the classroom. Our educators are not only teachers, they are also performers, and love to share their music with others. We hope that your child will find the same joy in sharing THEIR music as well.


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