Kindermusik with Danielle is about more than just teaching music. When you join our Studio Family, we want you to experience our core values in every class and interaction you have with us.

We want every family in our studio to laugh and experience joy during their time at Kindermusik with Danielle. Our colorful, bright studio sets a happy tone for everyone who enters the door!

Every lesson, every child, every teacher is different. We know that children learn best when they feel happy and safe, so our team is committed to making each class unique and specially adapted for the needs of the children in that class.

Children need to feel safe and grown-ups do, too! Our classes are a haven for positive thoughts, encouragement, and support between parents, teachers, and children. This is a judgement-free zone where everyone (children and adults) is free to be themselves without criticism.

When judgement is thrown out and acceptance and student-centered instruction is at play, the real learning can begin! Your child can begin to achieve and progress through the building blocks of music education at a pace that is comfortable and appropriate for them. All of the important skills: cognitive, physical, and social can be achieved at Kindermusik with Danielle.

The best and closest relationships are often formed in childhood or through our children. Many lifelong friendships have begun in Kindermusik between children and their parents, children and their teachers, and between parents and other parents. We love the connections that are made through the universal language called MUSIC.


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 I appreciate everything you and Kindermusik have done for our family. It not only provided a safe environment for my kids to come and learn and have fun, but also allowed me the opportunity to meet wonderful, amazing moms - many of which I still have great friendships with. You do a wonderful service to not only the city of Killeen, but also to my fellow army wives. It is so hard uprooting yourself and trying to meet new people, specifically moms with children. Kindermusik gives these wives an outlet and an opportunity to become part of a great community. - Arta